Hello and Welcome to FIN Talent Agency. We are currently scouting for


at this time. Please check back for future castings if you are interested in working with us and do not fit in the category above.

Please send an email to fintalentagency@gmail.com with the following information...

  • First and Last Name:

  • Mailing Address:

  • Phone Number:

  • Country:

  • Instagram:

  • Gender:

  • Current Profession:

  • Height:

  • Hair Color:

  • Eye Color:

  • Waist:

  • Bust:

  • Cup: 

  • Hips:

  • Shoe Size:

  • Dress Size:

  • Please also submit images of yourself, your EPK, Reel or other material you would like us to see to consider working with you.

Applicants that submit to our agency understand that submitting this application is the first step in our review process. Currently, we are only expecting applications from those that are eighteen or older. If we are interested in working with you, we will contact you by phone, or email to discuss more opportunities.


FIN Talent Agency is a Proud Division of Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc.