- ABOUT - 

FIN Talent Agency is an international talent discovery, and model management agency with a wide variety of diverse clients. The agency’s office is located in Corning, New York, and is a proud division of Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. 

Singer, Songwriter and, Nashville native Robert White is the president of Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. and the lead talent manager for FIN Talent Agency. As a young teen Robert, had success in the music industry and learned about the many facets of the entertainment industry. Utilizing friendships and Rolodex that spans over 20 years and a deep love for bringing people's dreams to life, Robert launched FIN Talent Agency in 2014. 

FIN Talent Agency's commitment to the talent we represent is our biggest strength. As we scout talent that is not only diverse but holds a wide variety of skills. we educate, prepare, and work with our talent to advance their knowledge in the genre they love and teach them what it takes to be in front of the camera, walking down a runway in NYC, pose for a great magazine cover, competing in pageants, and perform in front of a live audience. 

The agency’s ability to manage and maximize a talent's career at every stage has been proven multiple times over the years. 


FIN Talent Agency believes in the potential of the entire individual and has taken an unyielding stance against segmenting talent by race, age, or size.


We also support the #MeToo Movement and have put in strict guidelines and rules for our clients and talent alike to avoid any situations that could put the well-being of anyone in harm's way.